Positive Attitude, Always Respectful, Wise Choices, Safety

The Clip Chart

Read below to learn how it helps with PAWS pride.

 Each day your child begins their day with a clip on Ready to Learn. A child that keeps their clip on ready to learn all day has had a great learning day.

     If your child is making noticeable, extra effort to show a positive attitude, and make respectful, wise and safe choices, your child may be told to “clip to Good Learning Day.

     Later, it might be noticed that the whole class was able to keep their focus on their work so the whole class moved to Great Learning Day.

     The next noticed positive behavior choice will have a child clipping to Super Student and after that clipping off. Students that clip off get a jewel placed on their clip.

     At any time that a child forgets the expected behaviors, the child is asked to clip to reminder, regardless of where the clip was previously. As soon as it is noted that the child is ready to learn again, the child will clip back to Ready to Learn.

     If there is a continued behavior after the child is given a reminder, the child is asked to take a break. This is very different from time out as it is meant to offer the child the opportunity to regroup and the child returns to the group independently within a few minutes.

     Sometimes a reminder, and taking a break are not enough for the child to regroup and be ready to learn again. In this case, the child goes to the buddy teacher’s room to take a break. Once again, the child is asked to regroup independently and return to the classroom learning within a few minutes.

     If this sequence has not helped, the next step is for the child to meet with Mr. Colby to plan and process together about how the child can meet the expectation of being ready to learn. When this happens, you will receive a phone call.